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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
I'm doing a push/pull meet in December by USAPL rules. Currently I'm doing the WS4SB program going into week 3 and I'm just not sure if it's what I need to do all the way up until December or if I should try to switch to a more linear progression although I last year I stalled pretty quickly when I tried linear SS programming.

I tested myself on July 18th:
bench - 230 with a full pause and lockout (bench 245 about a year ago but haven't been benching heavy since then)
deadlift - 360, tried 375 and missed (pulled 405 about a year ago, injured bicep this past spring)

I can devote 3 days a week to training at the gym, and can do additional prehab/rehab/conditioning stuff at home, with Laurie still on the mend from her surgery family is still my number one thing.

So to recap:
1. Programming overload looking at all the different options, not sure how to go from here for the next 4 months. The meet in the 2nd week of December. So like 14 weeks away.
2. Squat or not if training for push/pull? I know it's not one of the lifts being judged so would that mean I just do minimal squatting or what?
3. weight class - right now i'm weighing around 86kg's and not sure if I should stay at this weight or drop down to the 82.5 kg category, In my mind I'm thinking if I stay in the 82.5 to 90kg category I'll be bound to get embarrassed, but I might get embarrassed either way

14 weeks is a long time.

Most people get a lot out of squatting for their pull.

I would get some time with a good bencher right away and train with a partner who can hand off your benches in practice. in a few weeks begin to learn the commands.

get a belt and learn to use it.

no one ever regretted doing more upper back work and rowing

use a pause benches as accessory work. if your back is not sore after these you're in need technical help setting up your bench. if no good training partners, look at Mark Bell's videos

do not change bodyweight for your first meet.

embarrassed has nothing to do with it. what anyone else does is irrelevant to your total.

i'd bench twice a week for a while, maybe even three.

the best thing you can add to this mix is a strong and experienced training partner
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