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Thanks Greg and Dave.

- Weight class staying same, got it, focus on myself.

- I miscounted it's total of 16 weeks away.

- Spent some time yesterday getting my thoughts together and numbers down, going to follow the 5/3/1 simplest strength template, the only modification would be Dave's suggestion of pause benching on my overhead press day rather than close-grip benching which I originally planned. I'll look at the videos and work that in.

- belt -check

Current plan main lift and main accessory lift, the rest is just misc stuff like abs, low back...etc Though the running is not set in stone I may just do them after the lift days, I just need to get 2 days of running in, haven't been keeping up with my Army stuff nearly as much as I need to, PT test is coming in the next 2 months for sure.
Day 1 - bench + incline press -
day 2 - running ~2 miles
day 3 - DL + FS
day 4 - sprints ~400m's repeats
day 5 - OH press + pause benches -
day 6 - squat + GM's
day 7 - rest and recovery

This may all get throw out the window on Saturday when I'm going to try to see if I can lift the the meet coordinator and his crew.
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