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I should elaborate a bit more. Like I said above, I came from doing Crossfit main site off and on. When I wasn't doing Crossfit I was training for a half marathon and the other time I was doing Crossfit Mom while I was pregnant. Before I got pregnant I worked with an Olympic Weightlifter from the OTC for a couple months to improve my lift technique/strength. Once I got pregnant, I stopped training with her. These past 7 months postpartum, I went back to Crossfit main site just to get back in pre-pregnancy shape.

Now I'm a little lost for what to do. I like lifting and I know that it's an area of weakness as far as strength/technique goes. I'd like to focus on quality, and not quantity (15 reps or more) which is what Crossfit does. I'm on my own as far as training though. I have a rack, bar and bumpers, just no bench, at home.

I'd like to improve my lift technique and get bigger numbers than what I have now but at the same time I don't want to cut all conditioning out either.

Is it better to focus on just Olympic lifts, focus on strength, or do strength with some conditioning? There are so many programs out there that people say are good for this or that, I'm just at a loss. I could always go back to Crossfit main site but I'd like to do something different that will actually help with overall fitness and not just random workouts that don't have much purpose. Does that make sense?
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