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A few comments from someone that isn't a club coach like your self so please takes these with a grain of salt, but only trained at the individual level many moons ago.

1. The idea of homework is great I'm a huge fan of the MWOD and all that it entails however some of the bottom squat stuff seems like it would be counterproductive. At this point my assumption is this is for like you said a layperson, so if they don't know how to squat properly wouldn't they just be reinforcing bad positioning and motor patterns? My assumption is that all these days in this template are non-consecutive days so perhaps give them a "homework menu" for lack of a better term. Outline some basic mobility items and people perform a total of 5 minutes per day or whatever and as people progress their menu gets larger.

2. Starting even further back, what I mean by this is that perhaps start with the goblet squat and the Bulgarian Goat Belly Swing. to properly teach squatting between the legs rather than on top and to teach proper hip hinging. I'm thinking to people like you and other people on this board your routine isn't unreasonable but that is also operating under the assumption to me that these people have a moderate basis to work with.

Here is an example A few weeks ago my brother went with me to the YMCA, in my mind I thought rack deadlifts would be a great place to start since I knew a deadlift with good form would be out of his reach initially. Little did I think that he couldn't even perform that properly. My brother is a runner and has some DB's in the basement that is about it. So I had to break it back to hip flexor stretching and glute activation before he could even do a the rack DL with a proper hip hinge and feel.
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