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Originally Posted by Motion MacIvor View Post
I hate running too. I've tried to like it but it's no use. The one piece of advice that everybody forgot is that you're legs will get destroyed if you just start running without a bit of build up. I suggest that you start with baby steps. Every day for the about two weeks start your say with ultra easy intervals of 1 minute jogging followed by 1 minute of fast walking repeat 10 times. reduce your walking time and increase your run time systematicaly until you can jog for twenty minutes straight. Then start a more serious program. Jumping into quick will just result in injury. I know it sucks to go so slow but it's pretty much necesary.
hope that helps
Thanks Motion I had thought about this and wondered if doing the program that James outlined was too aggresive a jump start if for the few months before this I was lucky to even run once a week.
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