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Default Just saying Hello

I just received my copy of BTGB today in the mail. At 6' 2" tall, 202# and 2 days from my 64th birthday I'm well on my way to the next Olympics . I've been an all around athlete my whole life - not specializing in any one thing really. I lift weights and rock climb a lot still and my strength has stayed pretty well but there is a big difference between using ones strength to move an external load and using it to move oneself as you all know. My only exposure to gymnastics is watching them on TV - I didn't even know the names for about half the stuff in the book even though I have tried a few of them in passing over the years. I've been doing L sits all my life so that one I can do but need more flexibility to advance them any further with perfectly straight legs. Most of the other things I haven't tried before. I looked around locally for anywhere I might find an adult location to workout (with or without coaching) but nothing so far. I'm sure I will have questions and appreciate anything you all might be able to do for me. My plan is to start slow and advance slower - and do a little testing to see where I am with all this. Let's look at it as a work in progress and the rest of my life to get there.
I have one 4' x 8' mat - a chin up bar (attached to my power rack) - a dip station - pallelettes (maybe a foot high and 18” long) - and a set of adjustable height rings (steel, I forget the brand). What I don't have is a flat wall so I'll be making either that or a set of stall bars here soon so I can work head and handstand pushups (I can do a few headstand ones now against a wall). Anyway just wanted to stop in and say hello and thanks for the book - there isn't much out there for adults.

My real hope is that it might help with my climbing.
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