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Chris Rice
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These are my impressions after about a half an hour playing around tonight
• My straight arm strength (and even ability to completely straighten my arms) needs work so I will start with just some low resistance ring work in a lot of directions (lots of leg assistance) (movement, not strength training)
• My flexibility sucks for lack of a better word.
• No real pain or discomfort in what I have tried so far which is a good thing I think.
• I can hold a couple of the tuck versions of the levers for a few seconds
• Dips, Chins, hangs etc are easy enough. Not that it means much but I can do skin the cats and stop about anywhere during it for a short hold – what was important to me was that it didn’t hurt anywhere I guess – not that it takes a lot of strength.

My Plan - After my regular weight routine (abbreviated for now) – to include dips and chin/pull ups and some legs
• Straight and bent arm supports on dip bars and then rings – I still shake some on the rings and have trouble turning my hands forward during supports
• Inverted hang – inverted pike as best I can – German hang
• Tuck – Flat Tuck – Open Pike – Closed Pike (as best I can) position work on floor
• Straddle Work – flexibility position work
• Half Lay - flexibility
• Hand stand against a wall – as soon as I get a wall - some overhead weight work until then
• L-sits on parallelettes – what I have done for years is what I call L-Sit Leg Spreads where I assume the L-Sit and open and close my legs for reps – I need to work on keeping absolutely straight legs as I tend to bend a little. I also want to hold my legs higher during them.
• Work on Straddle L flexibility
• Manna – yeah right - not likely hehe
• Skin the cat for a few reps – stopping where possible for short holds
• Tuck Front and Back Lever as possible
• Hang from bar – raise legs to touch feet to bar – work on keeping legs straight
The honest answer is I don’t know enough to have much of a plan at this point. I want to work towards the ability to achieve the proper positions and add strength in the areas needed for safety (like straight arm strength etc) and then work towards strength when I can manage at least decent positions. I plan to have the wife video me so I can see what my biggest problem areas are.
OK guys – now what would you do?
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