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Did you read Steve's article on programming?

Did you finish reading BtGB and see what there is on programming?

You established goals but now need to set up a work schedule and program?

What works good for you? 2, 3, or 4 days? How much time do you have to train.

Test how many pullups, dips, etc you can do so you know what you can do.

Test to see if you can hold a tucked lever at all.

Find a wall, the outside of your house, your front door, the garage. It doesn't even have to be vertical. Just so long as you can place your feet on it.

You can even use a chair to do what is called a Box HS. Basically your hips will be piked with your toes on the chair and make your hands to your hips vertically aligned. Then you can practice holding it with one leg in the air and the other on the chair.

For now I would work assisted ring support with turn out. Do it somehow so that your tiptoes or heels are still in contact with the floor or a box to give you an assist. You can also work a straight arm ring support position horizontally-plank/pushup too. But let's face it...that should be fricking easy.
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