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Originally Posted by Chris Misciagno View Post
Greetings all. I'm a beginner with O-Lifting, but have some experience with weights. I'm coming off over two years on the SS/TM programs and have made some good (imho) gains. My stats:

BWT: 200-205 (depends on the day)
Hgt: 5' 10"
Age: 42
HBBS: 405 x 5
Press: 170 x 1
DL: 365 x 5

My O-lift numbers are pretty low at this point -- I can power clean around 145 and power snatch maybe 115 on a good day. I've decided to switch gears and give Olympic lifting a shot and have been trying to figure out the best way to approach the switch. My gut wants me to do the mass gain program, my brain says start with the beginner program, but I also think Gregg's 4-week on-ramp program to the main page WODs seems like a good place to begin. I've been trying the Steve Schmitz beginner program for a couple weeks, but the volume seems way too high given the weights I can use. I want to hold onto the strength gains I've made from Starting Strength, but I look forward to the athleticism that full ROM squats and the quick lifts will impart, as well as the challenge of learning new skills. I've also done a few group technique sessions with an O-lifter (competitive) at a local crossfit affiliate (gave XFit up a few years ago so I could focus on getting strong). My problem is that I just don't know where to begin. Any advice or others' experience would be greatly appreciated. I am not yet comfortable with full squat classic lifts, but am working to improve flexibility.

Sorry if this is all covered somewhere else in the forum - I searched but couldn't find anything that covered my situation.

I vote the CA starter program, slow and steady progress is the name of the game.

Try to get in more time with that O-lifter or coach because you're stats are pretty similar to mine in the "slow" lifts most of my "gains" in the O-lifts came from cleaning up my crappy technique. My first initial thrust came from attending an impromptu seminar with Dan John where I jumped from a self taught 95# PS to a 135# snatch in that seminar. Later on Greg came out to DC and did an Oly seminar/fundraiser for my wife and my C+J jumped up to 245# that weekend from 205. It's not that I got stronger in those few hours or 2 days but just having that experienced coach there really helped me fix glaring errors.
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