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Blair – thanks for taking time to help me. In answer to your post
Did you read Steve's article on programming?

Did you finish reading BtGB and see what there is on programming?
Yes – I’ve had it less than a day now and did a quick read only – I will reread it several more times in the next few days.

You established goals but now need to set up a work schedule and program?
Please see what I have in this post below

What works good for you? 2, 3, or 4 days? How much time do you have to train.
I am retired – I could conceivably work out 7 days a week but would never recover. I climb Thursday and Sunday at the climbing wall – usually 3 or so hours each time (not continuous of course) and some weekend climbing trips. I have lifted weights pretty much 3 days a week for 53 years now, starting in 1959 – I’m new to this but not to training and certainly not to the way my body responds to exercise. I walk – bike or row every day for a little while. I do competitive Masters Olympic Lifting – Highland Games and Gripsport – occasionally a Strongman competition. A jack of all trades and certainly master of none but I have fun with it all. In the quick testing I did today I wanted to see what I could do without pain and what were the most glaring weaknesses I thought I would have to address to proceed safely

Test how many pullups, dips, etc you can do so you know what you can do. Pullups – 8 to10. Chinups -12 – both pretty strict. Dips around 15 – arms below parallel to floor. Can do added weight on all of those – for fewer reps of course.

Test to see if you can hold a tucked lever at all.
I can briefly hold both front and back – I’ll have the wife time me soon.

Find a wall, the outside of your house, your front door, the garage. It doesn't even have to be vertical. Just so long as you can place your feet on it. You can even use a chair to do what is called a Box HS. Basically your hips will be piked with your toes on the chair and make your hands to your hips vertically aligned. Then you can practice holding it with one leg in the air and the other on the chair. For now I would work assisted ring support with turn out. Do it somehow so that your tiptoes or heels are still in contact with the floor or a box to give you an assist. You can also work a straight arm ring support position horizontally-plank/pushup too. But let's face it...that should be fricking easy.

I can do 2 headstand pushups (form not so great here – too much arch) and can hold the position easily but have never timed that. I have a pole building that I have turned into a gym - It won’t take much for me to build either a flat section of wall or a set of stall bars. I enjoy building stuff.

Proposed workout
Tuesday and Saturday off
Thursday and Sunday – Climbing Wall
Monday – Wed – Friday
• Bike trainer or Concept 2 for light warm up – 10 -15 minutes nice and easy
• Light Bent press work
• Some Kettlebell work – press – snatch – Double Jerk - I may want to move this to the end
• Straight arm supports on rings – multiple short sets
• Inverted hang – inverted pike – German hang like in the pictures in the book – just get used to the positions and the weight on my shoulders in those positions
• Work Closed Pike position – a stretch – done on floor
• Straddle Work – flexibility position work on floor
• Hand stand against a wall – get used to the position – just spend some time here for now
• The embedded L sit program from the book – on dip bars Mon – parrallettes Wed and Rings on Friday until I get more stable on rings – then all rings
• Embedded Back Lever from book
• Embedded front Lever from book
• No Planche work for now – see how I handle the rest first
• Straddle Work – flexibility position work on floor – I need a lot of stretching for this
• Assisted ring work (both supported feet on box and push up position) to work turning hands to front and gain more time on ring stability and support – I shake too much in support on rings
• Leg raises – hang from bar – trying to keep straight legs raise legs until feet touch bar – is this needed?
Now I’ve written enough programs over the years to know writing one and doing it are two different things – so I’ll have to try this and probably adjust some things along the way. I’m pretty stiff so I may need some extra stretching somewhere along the line. No idea about how I’ll hold up to it of course – I may need to adjust for a while until I adapt some.

And thanks again
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