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Do you still train Olympic Lifting, StrongMan, or HighlandGames? Or just something you go to and wing it?

I would agree with moving the KB work to the end.

You seem to want to be doing a lot all on MWF. Meh.

I would not recommend the embedded L and lever work for you at this point in time. Rather for intermediates.

I do not think you need to warmup for 10-15 minutes but do what you want. 5 is fine, 3 is probably fine.

See about possibly working HeSPU off a box with hips piked but you will still need to be adding in dips. Partial ROM lift=low load.

Leg raises. Sure. I prefer a solid L hang or support to Hanging Leg Lifts but if the HLL are done with a slow tempo they are fine. Without one, they are useless basically. I think Skin the Cats give you more bang for you buck but you could alternate.

Work basic ring inversion shapes and Wall HS right after your mobility. Sort of like a skills block but really just a warmup.

Work seated L and straddle work. Great for abs, great for discomfort in abs and hip flexors.

If you read the programming section or Steve's article or book you should basically work:

L and HS. Figure out how much time you want to spend on it. I'd recommend HS for 2-3m of total volume and 1 minute or so of. L work at first. Maybe 2m eventually.

Push and pulls.

Pair up both levers and work on a straight arm plank support on rings in a mini circuit.

Do a pushing and pull exercise. Dips and Pullups, Rows and pushups. Some of those box HeSPU. Don't worry about inverted rows for now unless you can do some. At least 1 each, maybe 2 push/pulls.
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