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Blair and Steven
Before actually putting together a "program" I need to see what I can even do with many of these movements as I have never done them before - so today I just tried some things as I went along - here's what happened. I'll try some of the other movements over the next few workouts - by then I should know more about what I can do and can not do - and become more ready to introduce some structure to the workouts.

Bike Trainer 10 minutes
PVC breathing exercises - been doing these for over 40 years
Bent Press - 8-12-16-20K x 5 L&R - a current mini goal is to learn this lift
Ring Support - 10 sec hold x 10 - Just hop up and hold - I'm shaky and can't keep locked and straight arms very well
Ring Inverted Hangs - 5 x 15 seconds
Ring German Hang - 5 x 10 seconds
Ring Tuck Back Lever - 5 x 10 seconds
Ring Tuck Front Lever - 5 x 10 seconds
L - sit on Parallelettes - Held legs perfectly straight - couldn't hold them quite as high as I want them - 5 x 10 seconds - posterior is tight - need to stretch more
Everything above done on the Minute
KB Press - 20K x 20 L&R
KB Snatch - 20K x 20 L&R
Leverage Squat - 240# x 20 reps
Did some straddle and other stretches to relax and finish up

First time doing any gymnastics stuff and yes I do know it's not really "Gymnastics" but I have to start some place. The things I dd weren't all that hard one at a time but I can see where they will add up with more volume or time held.

Total WO Time just over an hour.
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