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Default Planning on joining Catalyst Athletics...

During my Marine Corps career, I've experienced just about every form of physical fitness: marathon running, swimming, iron man, boxing, MMA, Crossfit, gymnastics, and dabbled in Olympic lifting...and loved it. I'm due out of the Corps at the end of the month and will be heading back to school in the SF Bay Area, with intent to xfer to UC Berkeley. For the past few years, I was focusing on bodybuilding, but no longer wish to pursue competitive bodybuilding.

I've always wanted to learn and compete in Olympic lifting, but have never been coached. I will be contacting Catalyst towards the end of the month to get set up.

Right now, the gym on base does have a lot of bumper plates and olympic platforms, and I have been practicing the lifts, but I feel I should stop practicing the Clean and Jerk and Snatch until I have been coached, as I dont want to develop bad habits. In the meantime, what do you guys suggest I do with my gym time?

I do some form of cardio in the morning, and lift in the evenings. I was thinking about focusing on hook grip deadlifts, jerks, front squats, back squats, OH squats, and wait til im at Catalyst before I start working on the lifts. I do feel I have adequate form, but it is nowhere near perfect.

Thank you for your time ladies and gents!
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