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This may be a litte generic (and it might be something you already know), but focus on your flexbility. Sometimes, with bodybuilding, you become very tight and don't have great range of motion, such as in your hips, length of hamstrings, ankles, wrists, lats, triceps, thoracic spine, and shoulder girdle (many of the body parts that are going to help you get into better positions). You probably have a lot of raw strength, but, like you acknowledge, weightlifting is a technicaly-driven sport powered by strength. Without one or the other, you're not going to realize your potential.

I think the things you list are great to maintain or keep gaining strength on in order to better prepare you. You can also do snatch/clean pulls that will help you beat patterns into muscle memory (if you feel your form is good enough to do those). I would also try to throw in some GMs and RDLs for good measure.

I'm really excited that you're going to get to work at CA with all those guys. I wish I had the opportunity to as well! Best of luck to you.

- Javi
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