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I guess I didn't work out on Fri/Sat/Su/Mo, but today I did my ring test.

top position holds: 40 seconds (I was at 31.5 when I first started. modest gain after 6 weeks, but it's something)

front scale: 16 second per leg (13 on one leg and 14.5 on the other when I started)

handstand: maybe like fifteen seconds or so against the wall (when I started, I couldn't even do hollow body holds)

long jump: I skipped this because it wasn't in the pretest and I didn't feel like going outside

ring pullups: still just 1

hollow body hold: Managed to do 35 seconds; couldn't even do it without my knees bent when I started (which I did with knees bent for 72 seconds) so this is decent

pancake stretch

So these are pretty modest but somewhat significant gains, I suppose. The rest of the program involves going through this test again twice, which I want to do this week, and then week 7 has 4 days of ladders and 2 days of handstand work, but I'm going to hold off on that one until after I get back from my trip.

Hoping to make it to fundamentals tonight, but we'll see. This month has been crazy but September looks like it will be less busy (which is both good and bad.)
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