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Originally Posted by Adam Carling View Post
Hey pretty new to strength training and teaching myself the front and back squat and just curious if the forms are acceptable my back squat is not quite vertical as I would like I feel a more comfortable with the front than back, been really working on flexability. Any thoughts or tips well be extremly appreciate. Thanks Adam

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First thing, look to the obvious stuff...You are lanky: Long legs, proportional to short torso and your femurs are hella long. They are in fact too long to adopt a full upright oly squat you are picturing in your head . Unless you get your feet out very wide (think sumo style PL squat) you're not going to mimic that idealized semi vertical shin, upright torso squat form.


Second obvious thing. The squat itself looks ok. The bar stays over your midfoot most of the way,you have a pronounced sticky point and you need to open those hips up a bit.

Try nudging your feet out a shade, opening your hips more and let the bar stay where it needs to be (over your midfoot) regardless of back angle.

Also...have trod this rode leverage wise.I think you'll benefit from repetition squatting for a while,sets of 5-8 and pause squats. Set of 3. This will help you mightily with the next thing that is going to flair up. Upper back tightness. but...for now,at these weights,your back is doing a good job and the overall form can be worked with.

Hope this helps.
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