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Default New, A couple questions, and showing off

Hey guys,

First off I just want to say thanks for the site, its an excellent resource, and Greg, your youtube video on snatch and clean & jerk technique helped me out a lot.

I just thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself as I'll be putting up videos for technical advice as soon as my camcorder arrives.

A little background, back in college I trained for a couple years in powerlifting and competed in one meet before getting deployed to Iraq. I'm out now but I'm also 40 lbs lighter and a hell of a lot weaker. I decided to give weightlifting a shot for a few reasons. I wanted a change of pace, but mainly I don't have training partners anymore to help me get the damn suits on or spot me. Weightlifting appeals to me because I don't need the gear, don't need a spotter, and now that I've started doing it, I realize the movements are a lot more fun as well. I'm feeling as hooked as I did when I first started powerlifting back in college, a feeling I've really missed.

I've got a few questions:

1. I do plan on doing meets once I can manage slightly less embarrassing weights. What weight class should I shoot for as a 6'0" lifter? when I did powerlifitng I was just over 200, but after losing weight for the army and losing more in Iraq from sweating my ass off all day my weight has stabilized itself at around 165, which is too skinny. So I know I want to go up, just not sure what my goal should be.

2. I've heard two trains of thought. Gain the weight fast and take years to improve composition. Or take years to gain the weight, maintaining composition. What would you suggest? My preference goes to just gain the weight and then worry about composition later.

3. I've got a 1500lb Texas power bar. So not a whole lot of whip. Should I make replacing it with a true weightlifting bar a priority, or does it not really make too much of a difference at this level and I can focus on saving for some other equipment like jerk and pulling blocks?

Lastly, just to show off. Here are some pictures from taking my power rack out of the utility room and building a weightlifting platform to take over the guest room.



The Build:

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