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Default Back Pain, lowering weight

Hey Guys,
This is always my go to place for answers when it comes to lifting problems. Thanks for all the help you have already given me.

I have been attending crossfit gyms for the past 8 months and have been doing hours of research on my own about Olympic lifting. I don't have a problem lifting the weights and have been working on my for more and more.

The major problem I am having is lower back pain when I am forced to bring the weight back to the ground. When I say forced I mean when we have a WOD that involved any oly lifts that are lighter in weight I have to lower it to the ground. The rule at the gym is that if we drop it once the rep does not count and if we do it twice the set does not count.

I don't think it has anything to do with the members of the gym but the fact the gym is trying to save their weights. But that is just my opinion, I do not know for sure.

I have the same problem weather I am lowering from the snatch position or the clean position. When I lower it I go to the hip position then down. my back does not hurt at all when I do snatches and clean when I am able to drop the weight. But now I have to lower it and I can't finish any work out that has a oly lift involved due to back pain.

I have talked to the coaches about this issue and they keep telling my its my form when doing the initial lift that is making my back tight. But that does now make any sense because it doesn't hurt when I drop the weight but does hurt when I have to lower the weight.

Please can anyone help so I don't have to argue with the coaches about obvious things any longer. They say there is one way and one way only. I say that everyone is a little different. anyways thanks for the help!!
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