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Default Snatch, C & J, Front Squat: technique advice?


Decided to postpone week 4 of the starter program and do a week of technical drills instead. I had followed along with a video on youtube before, but that was before I started filming myself and before I had Greg's book.

Here are my best couple reps with each drill. I watched the film after each set and tried to make adjustments.

Overall I'm much happier with it, I'm not landing forward anymore and the bar seems closer to my body.

Few questions though:

1. Overhead squat, I know I should have some forward lean, but I feel like mine looks exaggerated, however I also feel like if I straighten my shoulders any more vertically I can't hold the position. Do they look ok or do I need to get more upright?

2. Mid Hang Pull, and actually all 2nd pulls, I still feel like it looks like my hips are pushing the bar out, though not as much. Am I just overthinking and paranoid, or is it really happening?

3. Lower back, should it be more arched at the bottom, I feel like my hips curl under at the last minute and my back becomes more neutral than arched. Ok, or need more flexibility work?

Thanks Again!


Today was the end of week 3 of the starter program. Any feedback or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks for watching

With the last few snatches I was having trouble keeping my elbows locked out. Also, the little dance I do after the recover with 185 was because I messed up adjusting for the jerk and was fighting to get the bar in place.

Also, I promise never to put up this long of a video again... I just wanted to include everything since this is the first time I've gotten feedback.

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