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So the Oly gym here in town only charges $25/month and they do all your programming for you. Thought it might be a good supplement to BJJ.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get motivated in jits again b/c I'm just not.

I'm not motivated to compete because I don't want to compete as a white belt since I either suck if I lose or am sandbagging if I win. I also don't have many women in my division.

I'm not motivated for rank because my reason for not getting striped is attendance,
and feeling like I'm going to class to get my name checked off isn't the same as that burning drive I used to have to get better.

Getting in shape isn't really a motivator, because we don't roll in every class, and I have very little control over how long I do roll (except in open mat) or at what intensity etc.

Learning things isn't really a motivator, even though we do learn a lot, because I feel like I have such little say over what we do since it's so codified. I really do feel that my gym has the winning formula and that being this stringent about the curriculum is beneficial for the gym overall, but it's just so regimented that I have trouble getting into it.

I don't know if I just need to change my attitude and decide I'm going to be motivated. I really miss that burning drive I had to train which I've had for soooo long, but it seems like it just disappeared. I can't even imagine life without jiu-jitsu, so I know this is just a temporary thing, but I'm not sure how to get my mojo back.

Trying other programs to get motivated helped me get into the other programs but not into jits, so...
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