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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
Keep your weight on your heels are are directly under where the tibia connects to the foot. Keeping that weight on the heels IS NOT a bad habit. Letting it shift forward to the ball of the foot is, especially that over exaggerated heel raise in your warmup drill.

I dunno. I don't think you want to be where the toes of the foot are coming off the ground but come close to that.

Coming from a traditional American baseball atmosphere I want to just say "Stay on your fucking heels!" I don't cuss when I coach (well almost never) but it's what I would say and tell myself. Stay on fucking heels. Stay on fucking heels. Stay on fucking heels goddamit.
Haha, ok so I guess I didn't get what you meant. Now I think I do though. So I just need to focus on keeping my weight back more and keeping the bar close so I don't shift forward?

Posted an update video at the top of thread too.
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