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My screenshot was from your PVC drill. In either video you did it the same way.

The way I know it, someone correct me if I'm wrong please as I'm still figuring this stuff out for myself.

At start, weight is in ball of the foot. As the bar is lifted, weight goes back to the heels and never goes back again toward the ball.

Even during the "jump" when the heel comes off the floor.

You rock forward to the ball of your foot before you "jump off the floor."

This is one of the reasons the bar goes too far forward and you lose it in front of you.

Notice how you keep on landing forward of where you start.

Is the problem that my ankles are extending at all, that they are extending too far, that I'm spending too much time with them extended and need to start the pull under sooner, or all three? Am I "jumping" too much?
I dunno really. Someone with a better coaching eye would.

Just think about staying on your heels.

Right now, the cues I'm trying to use for myself are:

Stay on heels.

Pull the bar to hip/pocket in snatch (mid thigh for clean).

Keep the bar close to my body as I transition from 2nd to 3rd pull. Don't let the bar bump forward.

But honestly since I tweaked my wrists on Monday, I'm back to snatching just the bar only maybe with some 5's on the side. My wrists can't take anymore. From 75 to 25.
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