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Originally Posted by Michael Evans View Post
1. Overhead squat, I know I should have some forward lean, but I feel like mine looks exaggerated, however I also feel like if I straighten my shoulders any more vertically I can't hold the position. Do they look ok or do I need to get more upright?
Yes it's exaggerated. Only enough to get the bar over the back of the neck. You're actively pushing your hips back in the standing position. Just stand.

Originally Posted by Michael Evans View Post
2. Mid Hang Pull, and actually all 2nd pulls, I still feel like it looks like my hips are pushing the bar out, though not as much. Am I just overthinking and paranoid, or is it really happening?
Yes, you're humping it too much. Push through the floor and keep your weight over your heels. Stop thinking about center of pressure and all that. Weight back, push down, back back to hips. If you want to keep it really simple, put something on the floor right in front of your toes. Jump and don't touch it. Right now you're shifting forward on your feet, sometimes before you even start the actual movement, but always during the movement itself.

Originally Posted by Michael Evans View Post
3. Lower back, should it be more arched at the bottom, I feel like my hips curl under at the last minute and my back becomes more neutral than arched. Ok, or need more flexibility work?
Couldn't see this very well. The big issue with your bottom position is that you're leaning your head forward and diving your chest, which is why you don't have the structure to support the bar overhead and keep dropping it like you do. Chest up to the bar, head up, bar over the back of the neck.
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