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Default Looking for post-beginner programming advice

First post here! Thanks, Greg, for the great book and video and for the wealth of material you've put here on the site. I've been enjoying the starter program for the past few weeks and I am trying to figure out where to go now that I am finishing that up. Some background:

After years as a prototypical back-bis/chest-tris/stairmaster gym-goer, the past few years have taken me on a path similar to one many others have tread: from P90X, to Crossfit mainpage starting mid-2009, to Crossfit Invictus starting late 2010 to present. I'm not sure but my vague recollection is that I found Invictus after Greg mentioned them somewhat favorably for those of us who insist on doing Crossfit-type stuff. Some stats from the past 6 months (weights are in pounds because I'm waiting to see if that whole metric fad takes hold long term):

-6'4", 213, age 44, pretty lean, eat fairly strict paleo, no major mobility defects/injuries
-FS 260
-OHS 185
-BS 285 (high) 300 (low)
-DL 375
-strict press 160

I hesitate to even mention my oly numbers because my technique has been so deficient that they don't tell us much, but: power clean 200, full clean 210, power snatch 145, full snatch 135, c&j 190. I have been videoing myself and have come to learn that I am having a lot of trouble staying on my heels and keeping the bar close (will start another thread with video on that).

I am thinking my numbers in the slow lifts will not frighten anyone here, but are at least OK relative to where I am on the Oly lifts. So my goals at this point are to improve in the Olympic lifts and variants (including squatting), as a means for continuing to build overall functional strength and power. I have no plans to compete in weightlifting. I work out alone in my basement at the only time I can, first thing in the AM. I have about 60-75 minutes to work with, start to finish, and have been using a 2 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off schedule with good ability to recover. I enjoy the Invictus programming as my "home base" or "default" programming and will probably go back to it (perhaps following their "competition" programming, which programs quite a bit more Oly work), but I am willing to forego most or all conditioning for at least 2-3 more months to do a dedicated lifting phase.

Given all of that as background, and recognizing that I still have technique issues to sort out, out of these programs which would be the best program for me at this point?:

-current Catalyst program that just started this week
-strength cycle:
-strength by feel:
-classic/position cycle:
-intermediate program from Greg's book

And if you know any reputable coaches in Nashville I'd love to know where to find one. USAW site lists a club but it has no web presence whatsoever.

Thanks in advance!
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