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Originally Posted by Javier Sanjuan View Post

It looks like you can work on your drive -- it seems like you're pushing the bar slightly forward as you reach the bottom of your dip/beginning of your drive, which is throwing off your balance and why you're chasing it forward. First, you want drive through the front of the heel, not on the balls of your toes, which is what it looks like you're doing based on bar path and resulting balance. Second, try to keep your hips under the bar as you dip and drive. Lastly, Gregg Everett uses a good cue that I try to use as well: aim for the back of your neck. If you try to aim for the back of your neck, you're going to naturally want to stay more vertical with your dip/drive and it will help you accelerate the bar into the proper position when overhead.

I hope this helps in some way.

- Javi
Hi Javi,

Thanks for the response. I'm new to all of this so my eye isn't trained well to do the video analysis.

When you say aim for the back of my neck at what point are you referring to? at the start of my drive? or start of my dip? or top of my drive?


any other comments are highly appreciated!
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