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Default Wrist pain in snatch


I've been having some wrist pain when snatching. Specifically, at the side of the wrist under the thumb (as opposed to the pinky).

This happens especially so when I do snatch balances, and not as much when I actually snatch/power snatch (though it's still there). I'm not sure why this is so, but I'm pretty sure my snatch balance grip is different from my actual snatch grip, which could explain why my snatch balance is actually worse than my snatch. I wear wrist wraps when I lift, which helps tremendously.

Jerks, push presses and bench presses don't cause any pain.

Wrist extension stretch doesn't hurt. Wrist flexion stretch does, though if I actively flex my wrist through the end range of motion, it doesn't hurt at all. It's only when I passively flex my wrist by pushing down with my other hand, then it hurts. Wrist rotations don't hurt, and there doesn't seem to be much, if any, swelling/inflammation. It's probably not a fracture since I'm asymptomatic unless I snatch. Not sure if it's muscular or ligaments/tendons, though I'm suspecting the latter(a sprain/tendinitis/tendinosis?)

I've been trying to do SMFR with a baseball all over my forearms, as well as wrist extension stretches, with very limited success so far.

Wonder what exactly is wrong, and what else I could do, other than laying off snatches/snatch balances for a while?
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