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Snatch -

Need more ankle and hip flexibility definitely. That will help your comfort and stability in the bottom position.

Be more patient in your pull - stay back over the heels all the way through the pull and move the back toward yourself instead of moving yourself into the bar.

Keep your arms relaxed through the pull but engage your back/lats to push the bar back into yourself.

When you pull under, keep the bar in close as possible by pulling the elbows high and to the sides before you turn the bar over.

Clean -

Quit looking at the floor; it's not going anywhere. Find focal point in front of you and keep it throughout the lift.

Same thing as the snatch in the pull - be patient. Keep your weight back, move the bar back toward yourself, and keep your shoulders over it until it's high on your thigh. You're trying to extend the hips too soon and the bar is getting pushed out by your legs. Wait longer and it will both improve your balance and your speed.

Looking at the second clean video, you get your knees too straight too soon - if you straighten your knees completely by the time the bar is in front of them, you can't wait longer to open the hips. Keep your chest up a bit more during that early pull - think about waiting until the bar is at about mid-thigh to explode - at that point, shins should be vertical, knees just a bit bent, and shoulders slightly in front of the bar.

All in all, it's a solid start.
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