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Question Form check C&J and some questions - beginner

Side view of 3x60kg (132lb)

Front view of 3x65 (143lb)

Side view of 3x70 (154lb)

1) Hi all, some videos for a quick form check. On my clean I can see that my shoulder shrug is basically non-existent. And my jerk my front knee is well past my foot. Those have been the two things I have been working on since taping this, but I wondered if anyone had any further input.

2) My instructors tell me the best way to do Olympic lifts is to exhale once rising from the squat. This is opposed to the valsavla (dunno how to spell) that rippetoe advocates for power lifts. I suppose this makes sense because Olympic lifts take longer than power lifts. But I just wanted to get confirmation from others who have been coached - how do you breath?

3) I was wondering what sort of lifts would complement a Olympic-heavy routine to maintain strength? I was thinking bench press, chins, pull ups, just wondered if anyone else had any ideas.

4) High elbows at 90 degrees are great for the clean & front squat. Are the ideal for the jerk? I have been told yes but it seems to me that the lifters I watched in the olympics would lower their elbows to about 45 degrees. It hurts my wrist quite a bit and I jerk less to have high elbows, but I am thinking this might just be weakness I need to work on?

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