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Default Scheduling Week 1 Sample

Thanks Greg. Would a good layout look like so?

Week 1

-Snatch 85%x1x6
-Snatch Deadlift 90%x1x5
-Snatch Push Press 77%x4x4
-Overhead Squat 80%x3x3

-Jerk 80%x1x3
-2 position Snatch 80%x3 sets
-2 position Clean 80%x3 sets
-Pull ups 3 x max

-C+J 85%x1x6
-Clean Deadlift 90%x1x5
-Push Press 77%x4x4
-Front Squat 80%x3x3 (Follow each set with 3 box jumps)

Would it make sense to include these lifts? Also do the reps/sets look correct? For the following 3 weeks, I was going to slowly increase some of the weight but decrease reps.
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