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Default Returning for Snatch Critique

I laid off, to rest and repair shoulders, all upper body exercises for four weeks and have been working back to this for about four week. Had sharp pain when jerking but not pressing, not sure it is fixed and my jerk is definitely still damaged, maybe beyond repair. So here are some snatch reps. My one rep max, for some time now, is 145 and I am still more comfortable power snatching when the weight gets any heavier than the below and as you see even at these weights I receive high. Even though I have not done a snatch routine in some time I have worked (as suggested on this forum) with clean/snatch segment pulls and tall clean/snatch to work turnover. Thing that jumps out at me on these is pulling with arms. Any help will be appreciated. (Sorry for the slomo but I love playing with this app)

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