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Did Saturday open mat, 6 or 7 rolls in I think, then I missed BJJ on Monday because I went to Chris Guillebeau's Minneapolis book tour stop. He is awesome. Today went back to Oly and usually it looks like we start with stretches, then he'll have me do power snatches, starting from mid-thigh then mid-knee then below the knee, then I'll do some off the blocks, then off the floor, then work on just squats. Then clean and jerks; worked up to 35 kilo which I guess isn't too bad for my second time there. Then did way too many back squats, but I think I was only doing like 80 or 85 lbs. or so. Just lots of sets of 5. It's like...sets of 3 for snatch work, sets of 2 or 1 for c+j, then sets of 5 for squats. Then ended with some shoulder presses. My coach said I probably get enough cardio in grappling, so he didn't make me do situps or anything. I'm pretty wiped and wasn't even lifting that heavy. Having fun, though, and he said my arm looks straighter.
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