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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
A few suggestions -

Shorten the depth of your dip a little and make sure your hips stay under your shoulders. Right now you're letting the hips move backward slightly and your chest drop. That immediately shifts your weight forward and sets you up to drive the bar forward.

When you drive, think of pushing the bar not just up but slightly backward - this is what Javier was saying - push the bar back over the back of your neck, not straight up.

Keep your chest back as you drive and split - don't reach your head and chest through so soon or as much. Let your chest and head move into position naturally with the effort to move the bar over the back of your neck. Trying to do it the other way (i.e. reach the chest and head) just pushes everything forward, which is another reason you end up in that bad split position with the bar too far forward to support.

Because your push press sounds good, try doing a push press + split jerk - likely you are good at driving the push press properly, i.e. staying upright and balanced and pushing the bar up and back, so this should help you replicated that in the jerk.

You can also try power jerks to help train that more upright and balanced dip/drive and bar placement.
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the analysis and tips. They worked wonders but it is taking a bit to get used of.

My push press I definitely consciously push the bar up and back. I thought the jerk was different for some reason.

Another primary issue that I am having with my jerk is the lock out. With a push press I can smothly "grind" through the range of motion into a nice locked out position. With the jerk, it feels as if I'm hitting a wall 85-90% of the way up, and then strict pressing the weight up. You can't really tell in those videos from the side, but it is very noticable from the front / back. Especially on my right side. If you watch the video again you can see I failed the 105% attempt because my right side only made it to 70% lock out at the bottom of the split where my left made it to about 90%. I wasn't able to strict press the weight on the one side and I dropped it. If you pause the video at every other attempt, my left arm locks out more than my right and causes me to lose my balance. In the new PR you can actually see me start spinning with the weight overhead because my right arm wasn't locking out.

Any ideas what is going on there? At first I thought it was a mobility issue. However, every "mobility test" I have been told to try, I have passed with flying colors.

Do you have any "mobility tests", or advice for this lock out issue?

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