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Thanks Greg.

I was never conscious about the grip difference between my snatch and snatch balance - it just sorta happened. My snatch balances actually really suck - they are slightly weaker than my best snatch. I was trying for the longest time to figure out exactly what was difference between the 2 grips, and what I've found was the following:
- I tend to try to keep a more neutral wrist position in the SB, while relaxing and hyperextending the wrist on the snatch. For some weird reason I just find it hard to relax on the SB.
- I tend to rest the bar closer to the base of my hand in the snatch and closer to the fingers in the SB. I suppose this helps reduce the load on my wrist when snatching vs SBing.
This is EXACTLY what you've just said Greg, and it took you 1 look at my post to tell me that while it took me months to figure out lol.

Sometimes I'm aware/mindful of these differences and try to correct them, and have good snatch balance days...other days I just can't seem to get it. I suppose I should lower the weight on the snatch balance and work on technique.

However, other than resting and technique work, is there anything I should do in the short term to reduce the pain? e.g. any specific mobility drills, stretches, SMFR, etc?

btw I do not hold the hook grip overhead, I release it.
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