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OK, thanks. I was thinking that the classic/position cycle had enough "strength work" that I might see some gains there even though that is not the primary goal of that program. But Greg, I take it you agree with the advice to bias toward strength at this point rather than technique, although I expect you would not suggest that is any excuse for me not to correct my technique flaws and that you would agree with Allen's point about not reinforcing bad technique. Assuming that's so and assuming I will use the strength by feel program, do you have advice on striking the right balance between pushing the weight enough to get the intended benefits of a strength program, vs. being too conservative and performing reps that are solid but not heavy enough to elicit improvements in raw contractile force of the muscles? Stated another way, when establishing rep maxes or "heavy singles" does that mean going as heavy as possible for that day with good, though not flawless, technique? It seems that in the classic/position cycle the advice would be the inverse: the goal is always hitting every rep with perfect technique, even if that requires using the same or even less weight than the previous week.
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