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Are you currently doing any squatting besides the olympic lifts in your training? You did ask what lifts.

If I was already doing a lot of Olympic lifts throughout the week, wouldn't I avoid lifts that are very similair (like front squat and overhead squat)
Umm, front squats and overhead squats build more leg strength and back squats just involve more poundage. Doing pulls would be another exercise to use.Working push presses and jerks (doing them seperately instead of just after the cleans) maybe bench press and overhead press (used by some) and lockouts.

BW stuff is fine but wouldn't be your bread and butter exercises to use as assistance exercises. Maybe they would, sort of depends where you are weak.

On the one end of the spectrum is doing a lot of various assistance exercises like the Russians used to. Chinese programs are known to do a lot of bodybuilding type exercises as assistance.
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