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Took off BJJ yesterday, which unfortunately seems like it's becoming a pattern, but really it was everything I could do to finish working on my fundraiser, plus meet deadlines and not slack on my client meetings, so yeah. Anyway, I did 4 days last week and will do 1 this week, so it's only 5 instead of 6, but not that bad.

Today was Olylifting, and I was super tired (stayed up too late plugging away on the fundraiser) and my legs still sore from squatting too much, so we went through everything pretty quickly and didn't go as high on weight in the sn (I'm not doing a full sn yet anyway) but the c+js were a bit better, but in all of them I kept wanting to hold the weight far away from my body because I'm so tired today. So we did them pretty quickly and then instead of squats I did some deadlifts off the boxes, which I thought was just so much fun and we went up to 75k with sets of 5. Probably hurt my hands more than anything; I'm not used to deadlifting with an Oly bar. Anyway, then did a bunch of shoulder presses and ended on those. I think I did 25k but can't remember.

I could tell my coach really wanted to have spent more time working on the lifts, and having me squat, but I can only do what I can do. And we can't remember how much I squatted but I know I've only gone up to 28k on the sn and it's def. more like a power snatch I think 36k on the c+j, more like a power clean though, not that I couldn't squat more on it but I just don't need to. Anyway, those are probably pretty low numbers but we're focusing mostly on form and higher reps and it's only my 3rd time.
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