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Default 1st. C&J in 2 months

It has been about two months since I have C&J and did not intend to today but felt OK so gave it a try. Ugly I know but I consider it a good day when the last few times prior to the lay off that I intended to jerk I could not get under even 45 kilos despite a 90 kilox3rep push press. So even though what I perform in these videos is probably not technically a jerk it is a long way from where I was. I used all the advice offered on this forum about stretching, mobility, and drills to get this so please keep it coming. One last thing-I can't split jerk so power jerk, squat jerk advice only. I am one of the people that Greg referred to a recent article that can't jerk, and Foreman wrote some time ago about being able to identify those that are better off not split jerking. I get the "it takes time," and "you can do whatever you put your mind to," "its all between your ears," and I even preach those to my son. That said, I can't split jerk. Too old, too stubborn, un-athletic, whatever I can't do it. Please hang in until last video I believe it is least ugly and As always thanks.

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