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Went to intermediate. We had a long hard warm-up, and then we worked on a takedown where you get your grips, pull down, pretend you're gonna pull guard, then when they put their leg forward and rotate their hips back to defend, you straighten your arm, grab the leg with the same arm, then get one grip with your other arm and the wrist grip with the arm under their leg, then basically circle around for the TD. Then we worked on a single-leg x-guard entry when your opponent is in S-mount; you basically work in both knees, then get one leg all the way through, then on the hip, and then move the other one to position, then loosen their lapel grip. Then we did a variation from when they have mount and are all the way forward, basically, so you push their hips up while bucking (you can try to put your feet in their armpit but I think probably don't need to), then get a knee in and when they stand transition to traditional x-guard. We then did two 6-minute rounds, and of course I'm trying to get to x, but I didn't know what to do from x, so I almost didn't see the point, but I guess they went over sweeps from x-guard last week on days I wasn't there. I have to admit that not getting striped last promotion ceremony has made me more single-minded in pursuit of that stripe (and belt, eventually), so it's hard to shake myself out of thinking that it's not even required to know x-guard to get a blue belt and I won't use it in rolling and am not even competing right now, so what's the point. Probably a bad attitude to have, and a few months ago i would've been flippin' psyched to work x-guard, but I guess that's what happens when you're in a sport with ranks.
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