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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Glenn was kind enough to send us one to check out, and so far it's holding up well. I wouldn't sell them if I didn't think it was a good product.


This post of yours is a couple years old, hows the bars holding up?

I am looking at getting bars for my 22 platforms at my high school soon.

I have trained on Elieko many times and love them (just sold my old training bar to a friend who's cheap garage bar broke, I think my bar was atleast 10-15 years old and worked great)....

I know Glenn and trust him, I TRUST that the Eleiko bars will be here till I retire, and I have known Leo for over 15 years and trust him so can't go wrong with Werksan either if I can get them...

Just curious, if you could do it all over and had the money to put new training bars on ALL your platforms what would you do?

I guess we all know by now if TROY bumper made a bar what I'd say about that...By the way, got the VTX's as replacements for them-25's are already starting to work loose on the metal part, great bumpers these people make....

John Janecek
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