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We still use Werksan as our real barbell. We have 2-3 of them per platform and that is really what our lifters use. We just ordered more in fact. We do have a good number of the new pendlay/MD bars that are used mainly for squatting and for our lifting classes since we're not as concerned about them getting abused by non-weightlifters who don't always have the same respect for equipment as lifters do.

The pendlay bars are reasonably good for the price, but nothing compares to werksan or eleiko, no matter how badly people want it to. We have had the same werksan bars in here since we moved to this location almost 4 years ago and they are in perfect working order.

The only issue we've ever had with a werksan bar is a broken snap ring on my own barbell that I bought in 2006 - and that was from one of the aforementioned non-lifters dropping it crooked. They sent me a new snap ring kit and I replaced it and have been training on it again with no problems since.

Honestly, I've been telling people for years that if you really want a CHEAP bar, go with the black BFS bar - I have used those for our general clientelle since 2004 and they hold up great, spin surprisingly well, and don't bend easily. Granted, these are not being used by weightlifters, but we do have some pretty strong clients using them multiple times daily for squats, deads, and even Olympic lifts. I've squatted on them at times when the gym was crowded at 180+ and not had a problem. And for $130 or so a pop, you don't care so much if they do get damaged.
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