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Originally Posted by Steve Pan View Post
For the arm position, it is not ideal to have the elbows high and the bar on your fingertips. I would prefer a vertical forearm, the bar deep in the palm and supported by the shoulders, and the elbows down and out. This puts you in the best position to push straight up on the bar. It should be the same position you use for your push presses. If you have problems with this position I would suggest stretching the shoulders and lats and possibly adjusting your hand width to see if that works better for you. If you don't work on this I will have to start typing in all caps!
Thanks for all your help, especially this bit here, it is definitely what feels better and easier to lift. I just always thought I must be wrong, but I'm glad to hear otherwise.

I'll post another form check in a few weeks when I've had time to work on the suggestions. Also am doing my first comp for some fun in November.

I've ordered the book and DVD too. Fun learning a new sport!
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