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Thanks to both for your time and help. Here is today's 70kg C&J+J. Sorry for the quick post and I will wait till I get more work in before posting more video but I wanted to post this to see if my critique is accurate. It is ugly with the shrug-row thing during the first pull and the jerk lacks lock out. Also, i want to use it to express thanks to you guys and this forum. While far from victory and as ugly as this may be it actually felt good and by good I mean I did not feel like it was going to crush me, which is how 50 kg felt 2 months ago. I have implemented as much of your advice as my schedule and body allowed and only a month into my "comeback," I can do an ugly lift like this but have hope that in the near future this lift will look the same as my warm-up jerks, something I could not say when I first posted jerks. While the shoulder is not pain free while performing the lift, the locking/freezing sensation is pretty much gone and my fear of feeling that sensation is fading. Anyway please take a look and add more cues especially for the jerk. One question: Assuming my shoulder continues to handle this I plan on going no higher than 70kg (75% of my old pre-shoulder 1RM) for at least another 4 weeks. Good idea or should I push higher, for heavy single? Thanks again.

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