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Hey Richard!!

I apologize for not posting until earlier. However I am here now.

As per discussed, you are able to get into a deep squat position, with your elbows properly elevated. This is a great sign of things to come. Having high elbows is one of the most important things when cleaning.

When working with an athlete who has multiple technical errorsand a triage of errors is developed, high elbows is often first to be fixed. You don't have that issue (now). Well done.

I noticed that you are still struggle to have high elbows when performing the jerk. As greg suggested, doing a push press or push jerk before doing a jerk may re program you! It may be of some worth doing a series of dynamic stretches before getting your lift on.

It would be great to see you work on your split jerk. It is often a perfered movement for vintage people like us!!
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