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Thanks Pete. Tried with the elbows on the jerk i am pretty sure I can get that fixed. I am more worried about lock-out on the jerk hope fixing the elbows will help that as well. As far as split jerk I am real uncomfortable with that lift, for now. Even as a young athlete I never had quick feet and they don't get quicker at my age. Also I was so concentrated on the push under the bar just couldn't get my feet to move. My thinking is if I can gain some confidence by acheiving a respectable clean and power jerk then I can start implementing split jerk? Thoughts? Also I am competing in a couple mountain bike-run biathlons that take up training time from these lifts. I plan on focusing on weightlifting once these races are over, last one is late October. If i stay healthy should be able to devote more time to split jerk. One last thing what are your thoughts on not pushing higher on with the weight, staying at about 70 kg, about 75% of my former shitty 1RM. Staying at that weight until I can pull off a good lift every time. Thanks again for help and please keep the suggestions coming.
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