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BJJ today. Rolled with a really cool brown belt for a couple rounds; we're working on me keeping my hips parallel to the ground in transitions on top, plus creating space/hip escaping on the bottom more, plus I tried to shoot up some triangles from guard b/c I may as well. And a few other things. Rolled with a blue belt, which was good, he's a pretty crazy wrestler but at least I made him work a little bit. Then rolled with another blue belt but then he thought my light-hearted smack talk (which he started, lol) was me being serious and didn't want to finish the round. It always surprises me when people take me seriously when I make jokes at open mat because I'm a little girl and I wear a pink gi, but I guess everyone gets moody. Just weird being told I need to control my temper when I wasn't even pissed off. I think the worst thing I said was "good luck with that" when he told me he was gonna hold some weird position for the rest of the round, which isn't even that obnoxious. Plus even if I was pissed off, it's not like I'm gonna flip out and crank shit. It was weird but I tried to talk to him about it later and told him I was just playing around and he said we were cool, so whatever. I think I am just not going to roll with him though because I had enough drama at my old gym that I don't want to start new drama.

Anyway, so I rolled with another blue for the rest of the round and he totally arm triangled me, haha. Then I rolled with this really cool and mellow brown belt, and that was fun, and then I rolled with this white belt girl who was trying to kill me, turns out she used to wrestle, so I had to turn it up a bit and got back mount forever but couldn't finish the chokes, and then I showed her a back mount escape after. Then rolled with another blue and called it a day. So I think I had about 7 6-minute rounds, which is pretty good for an open mat, and then afterwards we all looked at gross photos of each other's finger injuries.

I'm not too sore today but I'm glad tomorrow's a rest day. So this week I did 3 days of BJJ and 2 days of Oly and hoping to do 3 and 3 next week.
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