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John Janecek
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Thanks for the info.

My bars on the platforms stay there-they are never used in the racks. We have 22platforms and 24 squat racks, all the racks have an older texas power bar. I've been here about a year and half and have only had one bar bent (in the racks) during this time and it was cheaper old bar....

The "straightest ones" that "spin the most" are on my platforms.

I bought ten Eleiko Trainings bars for my platforms in UAlbany NY when I was strength coach there from 1994-99. They are still being used today.....

Here's some pics of our place here in Longview, high school just got renovated athletic facilities for the first time. First pics of wtroom are when I got here and the ones below are after I built platforms this past may and rearranged the room and removed some "machines"....

John Janecek
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