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This past week has been a de-load/off load from my current programming. I'm more involved in my units conditioning program so I've been doing more strength/stamina events rather than my usual linear/pendlay beginner olympic lifting routine. I still do snatch/cleans/jerks/squats...

Today 20120928

Morining PT w/ boots/utes/flak jacket:

Kettlebell Instruction followed by:

Conditioning/Individual Max Effort @24kg

20 KB Sprawl Snatch
Crab Walk 50 yd
20 KB Sprawl Front Squat
Bear Crawl 50 yd
20 KB Sprawl Snatch/Front Squat Combo
Crab Walk 25 yd / Bear Crawl 25 yd

I was done in 20minutes....had 5 Marines out there today....all and all a pretty good PT session.


Chipper wod I made up...

Bar stays on the floor...must power clean/power snatch to get in position...

10 Press @ 135lbs
10 deadlifts @ 295lbs
10 front squats @ 185lbs
10 push press @ 155lbs
10 overhead squats @ 155lbs
10 push jerks @ 185lbs
10 squat cleans @ 155lbs
10 power snatch @ 155lbs
10 back squats @ 205lbs

This actually was a pretty good time...The overhead squats were a little off balanced...I think becuase I was wearing sneakers. Really liked the back squat...power clean/push press/place bar behind neck...felt really cool.

5 minute break:

5 rounds:
5 handstand pushups
7 squat snatch
9 box jumps 32"

all and all done in 45 minutes


10 minute heavy bag

5 rounds @ 135lbs
12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 front squats
3 push jerks


Bear Complex x 30
power clean/front squat/push press/back squat/push press

10 reps @ 185lbs + 500m row
10 reps @ 185lbs + 500m row
10 reps @ 195lbs


Messed around with snatches and different positions...nothing special.


This was a saturday workout I came up with. They built a new track / football field by my house.

400m run
400m log carry w/ 70lb log
400m run
400m log overhead carry w/ log....this was hard...everytime I dropped the log I would do 10 pylo pushups...lets just say I did a lot of pushups...
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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