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Open mat. Rolled with this really heavy blue belt, but he said my legs were super strong, so maybe the Oly is working. Then I worked with this purple belt but my coach had me go with another guy during the same round for some reason. Then went with this really sick brown belt. Then I went with a blue while I was still recovering; got his back but couldn't finish the choke. So one of the coaches showed me a Marcelo version which I'm gonna try, sort of goosenecking the hand when you go for seatbelt position. Then I rolled with this one blue belt who really turned it up. Then worked on my double legs with this girl who's around my weight who wrestled in middle school and high school. So probably 5 rolls plus 2 drill sessions. Not too bad.

I looked at my classes for the month and I did 9 BJJ (10 if you count the promotion ceremony day) for a total of 16 hours, and 5 Oly. 16 is pretty good for me, not as good as I did in January-March, but more than I did April-August, plus with the Oly that's 15 training days. I'd rather have 20-24, but it's a good transition month IMO, esp. since I had so many other things going on.
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