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I'm a not coach or an expert on giving advice on technique. I'm a beginner. But I can speak from my experience but I'm not sure if this applies to you so take it with a pinch of salt. What I found is that a full hip extension is something that happens once you've nailed the technique, otherwise it won't happen. Even now I have the tendency to delay the extension a lil late, but when I get it right the bar shoots upward effortlessly. So if my advice is worth it, you have to be in the right position just before starting an explosive second pull. For that I did a lot of technique work of getting into the proper second pull position from the floor and mid hangs clean or snatches so that you accelerate from the second pull position consistently. If your hips lead first while standing up (a romanian deadlift position) or if the bar is hanging a little forward then you will not have a powerful hip extension so proper positioning is paramount. I suggest you buy Greg Everett's olympic weightlifting book and/or DVD cause its error correction section is brilliant. Hope that helps, but a disclaimer... I'm discovering things myself by reading and my own experience.
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