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Default Rectus Femoris rupture, return to lifting?

Three weeks ago when HB squatting I felt/heard a pop in my right hip. I stopped squatting, iced, took NSAIDs, and took off an entire week from the gym. The day I injured it my hip became so painful I could barely walk or move. I was able to get in and see my Ortho about 2 weeks post injury and he is the one who diagnosed it as a partial detachment of the rectus femoris from the hip. However, he wasn't very helpful regarding how to prevent it from happening again or how to rehab it. I wasn't doing a weight that was overly heavy, as I was doing an LP and regularly squat reps at that weight, and was only lifting 5#s more than the week before when I had no problem, and a weight I have done hundreds of reps at in the past. That hip flexor often feels tight, and every day before I train I do a series of hip openers including couch stretch. I have a severely anterior rotated pelvis, likely from sitting in rush hour traffic and at a desk for 10 hours or so 5 days a week. Would that be enough to cause the pull from the bone? I have been working on hip stretches and glute activation work, but not sure how long it takes to correct a postural imbalance like this? It has now been 3 weeks post injury and I am back to training, but doing mostly upperbody work such as press, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. Does anyone suggest a good progression to return to squatting? Should I wait until I can get through the ROM completely pain-free? My ortho said he didn't think it was a bad tear, and I have been doing E-stim and therapeutic Ultra Sound at home every day if I can. I have also had a number of ART sessions. Looking for input on returning to lifting though, and haven't been able to dig anything up online. Any help is appreciated!
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